From 26 July 2015, your Quaylink buses will be getting a brand new look and an improved service.


  • The current Q1 route from Central Station to Gateshead will merge with our Orbit 51 and 52 routes – and will be renumbered Q1 and Q2.

    Q1 and Q2 buses will provide new connections, and direct links across Gateshead and to all the best attractions on the Quayside and Newcastle City Centre.
  • The current Q2 route from Haymarket Bus Station to St Peter's Basin will merge with our Great Park & Ride X40 route – and will be renumbered Q3.

    This will give a direct service from Great Park and Gosforth to the heart of the Quayside. 

QuayLink gives the best links to all of the attractions that NewcastleGateshead offers.

Keep up to date with what is happening with the official website for NewcastleGateshead.

No. Service Places Served Downloads
Q1 / Q2 Quaylink Q1 Gateshead - The Sage - Gateshead College - Baltic - Quayside - Newcastle
Q2 Newcastle - Quayside - Ouseburn - St Peter’s Basin

QuayLink Map

Q1 / Q2 times from 26 July 2015

Q1 / Q2 times until 25 July 2015

Q3 times from 26 July 2015

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