Tyne Tees Xpress

Commuters from Teesside and East Durham can enjoy some of the business comforts of a first-class train – on the bus!

  • Free WiFi
  • Power points for phones and laptops
  • Luxury Seating

Quick, relaxed and value for money - listen to why you should be using the Tyne Tees Xpress!

No. Service Places Served Downloads
X9 / X10 Tyne Tees Xpress X9 Newcastle – Gateshead – Heworth – Peterlee – Billingham – Middlesbrough
X10 Newcastle - Gateshead - Heworth - Norton - Stockton - Middlesbrough

X9 / X10 map

X9 / X10 times

MoneySaver fares

We've some great deals and offers to help you get the best value for money on your bus travel.

Our MoneySaver guide gives you through all of the fares and tickets that are available for travel on our services so you can get the best deal for your journey.

If an employer buys your ticket for you, you could save even more money on the price of individual 28 day tickets - contact us for full details.

Under 18 off peak fares are not available on Tyne Tees Xpress - view our Get Around section for best value tickets.


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