Easy Access

We continue to provide 100% easy access on our main services through the provision of low floor and ramp access.

To improve the reliability of ramps on our buses, we have made a conscious decision to move away from problematic mechanical ramps and support a replacement programme which will introduce manual ramps on all of our services over the coming years.

We continue to be the only bus operator in the region to offer our Easy Access Wheelchair Guarantee which provides a complimentary taxi for anyone in a wheelchair if a low floor bus is not provided where scheduled or if a ramp fails to operate.

Go North East has the largest accessible bus network in the country outside London. Our individual route branding approach, giving distinct colours and logos to over 50 routes is also assisting in the easy recognition our accessible services. 

Easy Access Saltwell Park

Easy Access Wheelchair Guarantee

The Easy Access Wheelchair Guarantee provides reassurance to users that if an accessible bus was not provided or the ramp did not function properly, a complimentary accessible taxi would be offered to the customer. This guarantee applies to anyone using a wheelchair, walking frame or disability adapted pushchair for a disabled child.

Personal security can be a key issue for people with disabilities and Go North East has led the way with investment in comprehensive cctv systems for its buses. The Go North East fleet will be 100% cctv covered by the end of June including multiple cameras for inside and outside of the bus. The company has invested over £1million in this important measure for the reassurance of all customers and staff, and has had support for some of the investment from Nexus and Durham County Council. The modern systems are supported by three dedicated cctv managers who identify issues and liaise with the Police.

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