Blaydon Racers

Blaydon Racers bus

Blaydon Racers buses 49, 49A and 49C provide frequent buses to Metrocentre and Gateshead Interchange.

Buses run up to every 10 minutes from Winlaton to Gateshead via Metrocentre and every 20 minutes to Blaydon.

Oh, me lads...

Our Blaydon Racers buses commemorate the annual race meeting held at Stella Haughs, just to the west of Blaydon, and immortalised in Geordie Ridley’s song in 1862. It was adopted by the Northumberland Fusiliers as their marching song and has since become the ‘unofficial’ Geordie anthem.

In the original song, racegoers travelled by horse-drawn bus. In 2012 the 150th anniversary of the song was well and truly celebrated in Blaydon. A new version of the song – about travelling on a Blaydon Racers bus - was written by local songwriter Ed Pickford. View the video on YouTube.

No. Service Places Served Downloads
49 Blaydon Racers Winlaton - Blaydon (49) - Swalwell - intu Metrocentre - Dunston - Bolam Street - Gateshead

49 / 49A times

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