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  • Fast CatsFrom 26 January 2015, to improve reliability, most journeys on service X35 will be slightly retimed.

    Additional evening and Sunday journeys will operate between South Hetton and Houghton le Spring. These journeys then continue to Sunderland as service 35A with through tickets available and no change of buses required.

    The evening journey from Doxford International at 2110 which was introduced on a trial basis will be withdrawn due to low passenger numbers.
  • From the same date, a revised timetable will operate on service X36, with buses continuing to operate half-hourly between Sunderland and Downhill, with the service then continuing hourly to Newcastle.

    The peak time extensions to Sunderland Enterprise Park will no longer run, as passengers can travel between Sunderland City Centre and Enterprise Park on Lime service 8, and from Pallion to Enterprise Park on service 99 or new services 35/36.

Fast Cats buses provide convenient longer distance links to and from Sunderland City Centre.

  • X35 buses run every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday from Hartlepool to Sunderland Interchange, serving Peterlee, Easington Village, South Hetton, Hetton-le-Hole, Houghton-le-Spring and Doxford International along the way.
  • X36 runs between Sunderland and Newcastle giving unique, direct links to Newcastle and Sunderland from from Carley Hill, Witherwack and Hylton Red House, with journey times to Newcastle from the estates of less than 40 minutes.


No. Service Places Served Downloads
X35 Fast Cats Sunderland - Barnes Park - East Herrington - Doxford International - Houghton-le-Spring - Hetton-le-Hole - Easington Lane - South Hetton - Easington Village - Peterlee - Horden - Blackhall - Hartlepool

X35 map

X35 times from 26 January 2015

X9 > X35 connections from 26 January 2015

X36 Fast Cats Sunderland – Monkwearmouth - Carley Hill - Witherwack - Hylton Red House - Downhill - Boldon - Wardley - Heworth – Gateshead – Newcastle

X36 map from 26 January 2015

X36 times from 26 January 2015

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