Travel Safely

  • Always wait at a recognised bus stop and give the driver a clear signal to stop as the bus approaches.
  • When the bus arrives at the bus stop, please let passengers get off the bus before you get on.
  • Once onboard the bus, please tell the driver which stop you will be travelling to and try to have the correct money ready when buying your ticket.
  • If you have a concessionary travel pass, please show it the driver and state your destination.
  • Bridge CardIf you would like the driver to wait until you have sat down before moving off, please feel free to ask as you get on the bus or show your Bridge Card if you have one. The Bridge Card lets the driver know that you need extra help during a journey whether because of age, disability, illness or simply lack of confidence. Bridge Cards can be obtained from Go North East Customer Services by calling 0845 60 60 260 or using our contact form.
  • When taking your seat, remember that the forward facing seats at the front of the bus are priority seats for disabled and elderly passengers.
  • If you need to stand because all of the seats are taken, please move to the back of the bus and hold onto the handrails. If you have difficulty standing please ask another passenger to give up their seat for you.
  • Passengers in wheelchairs or with children in buggies should read the instructions in the wheelchair and buggy bays.
  • Please do not block the bus entrance or distract the driver while the bus is moving.
  • When the bus is approaching the stop where you want to get off, please ring the bell once to let the driver know. Please stay seated until the bus stops or, if you are standing, remain where you are until the bus stops. As you make your way through the bus, make sure you hold onto the handrails.

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