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Unregistered key cards

If you have a key smartcard that you did not originally enter your details for, you should register it to ensure you can manage your account online.

Register your key card

(you will need your key card number)

How the key smartcard works

  • If you already have your key smartcard, then simply log in to purchase tickets.

  • New users can sign up for the key smartcard, which is free of charge for the first one.

  • You should allow around 2 days for your new card to be delivered, which after this you can then log in and purchase tickets.

  • Remember that tickets bought before 9pm will be ready for use the following day.

Looking for Get Around?

We will soon be bringing you a new and simple range of discounts for young people and students, with full details coming soon.

Our current online Get Around key ID application process will be suspended.

If your school or college is buying you a ticket for next year don’t worry – we’ll be doing that for you. All you need to do is apply to your college and you’ll receive a new key card pre-loaded with your ticket for the new school term.